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Veterinary Service

At Speck's we love animals and we believe that all animals deserve quality care. We are proud that all of our locations offer some type of discounted veterinary services. 
Check out the Speck's Event Calendar to see when a veterinary clinic is being offered at a store near you!

Well Pets Wellness Clinics

The veterinarian spends more time with your pet giving it a full exam along with any vaccinations, micro chipping and also some treatment of minor health issues.
All clinics are first come, first serve - we DO NOT make or take appointments. Please call the store for more information.
Prices below are just a portion of what is available. Package pricing includes prices for a 'healthy pet exam'. Pets with health problems requiring further veterinary attention will have a $10 - $15 extended exam fee added to the price of their package. For any pricing questions please call the WellPets office at 317-773-8387.

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Important Notes

1. Each invoice (one invoice per pet) is subject to a service charge of $3.00 for cash or check purchases $4.00 for Debit Card and $5.00 for Credit Card Purchases. This fee helps offset the cost of maintaining medical records and invoice processing. 

2. All Vaccines not purchased with a package require a Physical Exam. For example, the cost of an individual 1 yr. rabies vaccine for a healthy pet is not $16.00, but $44.00 (vaccine + exam) plus the applicable service charge. 

3. Year Rabies Vaccine can be utilized in Canine vaccine packages when appropriate for an additional fee of $6. Annual booster packages without Rabies vaccine are also available. 3-year Rabies vaccine not currently recommended for cats.

For any specific pricing questions please call the WellPets office at 317-773-8387.